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Introducing Sun Showers Fabric!

Fat quarter bundle of the Sun Showers fabric by Christina Cameli for Maywood Studio.

My new fabric collection for 2023 is Sun Showers, from Maywood Studio. This fabric line is inspired by the dramatic spring weather in the Pacific Northwest - full of light and shadow and so much color!

The collection features a range of prints, from whimsical raindrops to cheerful florals. The color palette is equally playful, with shades of pink, purple, blue, and green evoking the feeling of a spring garden in full bloom.

Sun Showers Quilt

I've designed a total of four quilt patterns for this fabric line. The first quilt is the FREE Sun Showers Quilt pattern. This is a great quilt pattern for beginners; it uses a single simple quilt block - -the half square triangle - -and doesn't require precision. It finishes at 68" x 75". You can use Fat Quarters to make the quilt. Psst! I have a few Fat Quarter bundles left in my shop!

The cover of the Sun Showers quilt designed by Christina Cameli and features half square triangles.

Dazzler Quilt

The next quilt I want to introduce is the Dazzler quilt. This quilt uses one strip roll (jelly roll), 1 1/4 yards of background fabric, and 1/8 yard of an accent fabric for the center star. I consider this pattern to be an intermediate level as it features working with wedges and an English Paper Pieced center! This quilt finishes at 50" x 50". You can purchase the digital pattern here. I also have a few strip rolls in my shop!

Dazzler is an intermediate level pattern featuring the Sun Showers fabric that  was designed by Christina Cameli.  It features sewing with wedges and and English paper Pieced center.

Reflection Quilt

The next pattern I created is Reflection - another wedge quilt! A kaleidoscope of shifting color comes together with glorious geometry in this one. You'll be amazed at what's possible with this simple quilt block, made with wedges. Don't have a wedge ruler? No problem, as the pattern includes a paper template to make the wedges. This quilt finishes at 59" x 68". You can purchase the digital pattern here.

Frisky Quilt

The last pattern to share with you is Frisky! Scatter bright leaves into an inviting color wash. This beginner-friendly quilt features fusible web instructions with a printable template included. It finishes at 45" x 54". You can purchase the digital pattern here.

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, the Spring Showers fabric line and patterns are here to inspire you. With lively prints and fresh colors, this collection is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of spring to their next project. So go ahead and embrace the season of new beginnings and start creating something beautiful today!

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I adore this new fabric line! I am swooning over the dazzler design and love the playfulness of frisky, which really shows what you can do with the full range of this yummy color palette. I'm going to need to buy some of this fabric. Also am so excited to see other blog posts i think i missed. Congratulations and happy spring!💗 Sadie B

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