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This is


That's what I hear over and over in my classes. 

​I teach both small-enrollment free-motion  quilting classes as well as providing video tutorials for independent learners. It all happens at my FMQ resources site, Free-Motion Circle.

I've quilted on a domestic machine for nearly 20 years! You can too. 

You're looking to go further into the free-motion quilting world and 've created lots of support for you and a ton of videos you can watch right now - at Free-Motion Circle. We hold live events (free for subscribers!) and have a design library, troubleshooting area, and message board for whatever need arises. If you're not ready for a paid subscription there is a free mini-class called Jump Into Free-Motion Quilting that you can take anytime! Also...


  • Check out my free-motion quilting books: they have great reviews!

  • Subscribe to my email list to be the first to know when my new projects and classes are announced. 

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