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Goose in the Corner Quilt Layouts

I designed my Golden Goose quilt on paper, with a fair amount of grumbling.

And I decided to put EQ7 on my wishlist, which I know Santa checks. And he did!

One of the first things I did was to put my design for the Golden Goose into the program. And it only kind of worked, because the program doesn't think anyone would ever want a seam in the corner on one end of the quilt and triangles in the corner on the other. I felt both irked at EQ and pleased that my brain-and-paper technology was so capable.

Anyway, I drew my block and made the quilt:

And then I made the logical variations (again with the corner issue):

And then I just couldn't stop:

And I imagine there's even more variations to be tried. Anyway, once I saw how very versatile that simple little block could be I wanted to show you all about it! So I'm planning to share a little "goose in the corner" block tutorial soon.

This blog post originally appeared on the A Few Scraps blog on February 17, 2011

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