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Free-Motion Fridays and something coming soon!

Updated: Jan 5

My followers have noticed that it's been a while since I hosted an online quilting class. That's because I've been building something cool!

the logo for Free Motion Circle

It's called Free-Motion Circle, and it's my pie-in-the-sky, perfect-world happy-place for free-motion quilters of all levels. I've been building it for months and months. And now, its (mostly) ready for the first explorers to check it out.

It's starting with Free-Motion Fridays, a six-session online class that spans three months, for free-motion beginners. I'll take you through everything you need to know to confidently quilt your quilts on your domestic machine, and between classes you'll do whatever practice works in your life. I'll be available for questions in the group space, and you'll have exercises (optional) to keep learning between sessions. It starts January 5th, 2pm pacific time. But there are limited spaces and my early bird price ends soon, so if this is interesting to you please get over there!

As the class goes on I'll open up areas of the Free-Motion Circle space to my students: Design Library, Troubleshooting, Skill Building and Practice Projects. And after my students have had a chance to play with them, I'll open them up to anyone who wants a monthly or annual membership. But that's all down the road. Right now - just the class. And I'll let you know when the whole thing is ready to go! I'm so excited to see how you use it and grow with it.

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תגובה אחת

I love it, Christina! You're always doing new and wonderful things to help folks enjoy FMQ, and making your gorgeous creations; quilts, fabric lines, books... Congratulations!

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